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The initial mentoring prgramme ran successfully for 5 years starting in 2012 and has now completed . Iconic Shift will be used in the future to support investments made by a FinTech venture capital fund which is currently being established.

Any investments made by this fund will be in companies  which adhere to an enhanced version of IconicShift (the enhancements are  not yet fully reflected by the content of this web site). The enhanced version incorporates insights from the work of Nicholas Taleb (Antifragile and Black Swan) and traditional financial wisdom (most comprehensively preserved in Isalmic Finance). There was already a large degree of alignment between these three bodies of thinking.  The  new architecture  is designed around the concept of sustainability ie growth and robustness , not one or the other.

We are not ready to talk to anyone yet but if you wish to keep in touch with our progress please join the mailing list on the home page