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Implementation Tools
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Implementation Tools

This video shows our three implementation tools: a 'Perfect Pitch', High Performance Coaching and smart risk assessment.

A key skill every business person needs is the ability to pitch their business or idea. If you have an iconic business or idea, it changes the world, and it will initially be difficult to pitch so you need a 'Perfect Pitch'.

High Performance Coaching teaches you how to keep in control of your business and stay balanced no matter what is happening around you.

As an iconic business you will be presented with opportunities, a smart risk assessment shows if it is a good idea to take on that opportunity or not.


Iconic Shift

Do you have a big idea? A game changer? Could your business be iconic? IconicShift is not for every business. Mike is only interested in people who are using their business to change the way things work and enhance some aspect of human experience. This means individuals with iconic ideas in the early stages of development or larger businesses with momentum that need an iconic breakthrough.

For more information watch this video and then get in touch.


Iconic Design

The IconicShift programmes started after Mike wrote his first book 'Find Your Lightbulb'. Talking about his book, he found there were many people in the world with game changing ideas - ideas big enough to shift an industry - but they didn't know how to turn these ideas into a business. IconicShift was born to help.

Watch this video to learn about key components of the IconicShift  design architecture - a purpose beyond money, brand experience and customer needs.


Regular Refuelling with New Ideas

Unless you refuel your creativity and commitment to the future, the weight of day-to-day issues and problems drags you down. To solve this IconicShift contains a regular process to generate new ideas which take the business forward and regenerate the excitement and passion you felt when you first got started.

Watch this video to see how we use IconicShift refuelling to keep you excited about the future.



Your strategy is what you want to get done in the next three to five years. In IconicShift we set this up as game. Why? Because a game gives you rules, tells you how to play and how to win. With a strong game you can win or lose and still move your business powerfully forward.

Watch this video to learn more about the two tools we use in IconicShift to help us win the game - the road map and the business architecture.


Richard Reed founder and CEO of Innocent  

Richard Reed founder and CEO of Innocent

"I loved the way Egg burst onto the scene in
1998 with a style, verve and speed that seemed
completely foreign to the Financial Services
Industry. It was a real inspiration to us when
we created Innocent. I was talking to Mike a
year ago and he asked me a great question
'You have transformed a whole industry and
a whole area of human experience (ie how
people do themselves some good with ease
and pleasure) with Innocent, what do you
want to transform next?'. We had a long
conversation that I found illuminating and
exciting. I'd say for someone starting out
with a big transformational idea you are
not going to find a better mentor than Mike."

Download Brochure  

Download Brochure

Iconic Shift Architecture Brochure
This brochure describes the component of the
Iconic Shift architecture and explains the
benefits of implementing it.

Iconic Shift 2013 Mentoring details

This document gives full details of the 2013 programmes